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Although adults, there is something child-like about these orphans. The eldest supports himself and his challenged brother by petty thievery. One night he brings home a rich older man to get him drunk and rob him. Turns out this man, Harold, is very rich and on the lam from a hitman. Harold establishes the orphans' house as  a base of operations and, in a strange, hilarious, and moving way, begins to care for Treat and Phillip. 

CONSTELLATIONS                                                    by Nick Payne

Dec. 2-17

One relationship. Infinite possibilities.
In the beginning Marianne and Roland meet at a party. They go for a drink, or perhaps they don't. They fall madly in love and start dating, but eventually they break up. After a chance encounter in a supermarket they get back together, or maybe they run into each other and Marianne reveals that she's now engaged to someone else and that's that. Or perhaps Roland is engaged. Maybe they get married, or maybe their time together will be tragically short.
Nick Payne's Constellations is a play about free will and friendship; it's also about quantum multiverse theory, love, and honey.

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