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the great god pan

by Amy Herzog                                                                                                                                                                              April 2015

directed by Skola Summers                                                                                                                                           Hyde Park Theatre

Jamie’s life in Brooklyn seems just fine: a beautiful girlfriend, a budding journalism career, and parents who live just far enough away. But when a possible childhood trauma comes to light, lives are thrown into a tailspin. Unsettling and deeply compassionate, THE GREAT GOD PAN tells the intimate tale of what is lost and won when a hidden truth is unloosed into the world.


Devin Finn

Molly Fonseca

David Higgins 

Addie Alexander

Joe Penrod

Katie Kohler

& Chris Humphrey


"Like Higgins, Kohler plays her complicated and troubled character with an expert naturalism, further contributing to this production's solid success. The Great God Pan provokes as much reflection and emotion for its audience as it does for its protagonist, and Street Corner Arts has provided us with an experience that is stirring and memorable." 

Elissa Russell, Austin Chronicle


"Joe Penrod brings an abashed vulnerability to his portrayal of Jamie's father Doug, particularly moving when he travels to the City to tell Jamie a story that's a confession and appeal for understanding. Those who initially appear most vulnerable are in fact the strongest: David Higgins as the boyhood friend Frank, recovering from addiction, and Katie Kohler as Paige's fragile patient, the bulimic Joelle, establish themselves with intense concentration and economy of gesture." 

Michael Meigs, CTX Live Theatre


"The ensemble features seven actors, all of whom handle this material wonderfully. Devin Finn as Jamie and Molly Fonseca as Paige deliver emotionally bare and honest performances. David Higgins is both touching and moving as Frank. As Jamie's father, Doug, Joe Penrod is both charming and believable. Chris Humphrey is delightful as Polly, Jamie's old babysitter. The standout performances of the evening belong to Addie Alexander as Cathy, Jamie's mother and Katie Kohler as Joelle, a woman with an eating disorder being treated by Paige. Alexander delivers a sweet and haunting portrait of a mother faced with a horrible truth. Kohler is absolutely heartbreaking as a woman who is so afraid of facing her demons that she would rather deny herself the treatment she needs."

Frank Benge,


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