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by Jason Wells                                                                                                                                                                       December 2011

directed by Skola Summers                                                                                                                                           Hyde Park Theatre

A group of powerful men formulate plans to assassinate a member of the opposition (cannonballs or missiles?). They could be corporate titans, intelligence agents or perhaps even politicians. As the scheme spins wildly into complication, the plotters descend into suspicion, bloodlust and raucous infighting. This pitch dark & provocative, gut-check comedy by Jason Wells demands an answer: Do the ends justify the means?


Kenneth Wayne Bradley

Garry Peters

Joe Penrod

Rommel Sulit

& Benjamin Summers


"When one attends the premiere offering of a new theatre company – a frequent occurrence in Austin – the impulse may be, understandably, to set a low bar for expectations. After all, it's common knowledge that to build any organization from the ground up usually requires a certain grace period of sympathetic leeway for all involved – including that first audience. Every once in a while, though, a new band of theatre folk is somehow able to achieve one fantastically rockin' coming-out party. But rare indeed is the company whose debut is as deft and precise as Street Corner Arts' Men of Tortuga. Don't let this one pass you by." 

Adam Roberts, Austin Chronicle


"As you could expect with a cast of this quality, the intrigue runs fast and the tension is finely calibrated.  Credit goes both to director Andrea Skola Summers and to her intelligent ensemble." 

Michael Meigs, CTX Live Theatre


"The play finds dark humor in the machinations of these men, and the actors handle the bounces between black musings and broad satire very well. Rommel Sulit plays the most anxious suit with bleary eyes and a staccato urgency. As the top suit, Garry Peters brings a slow, glittering energy that blows over the heated discussions of the ensemble like an icy wind. Joe Penrod has the strangest arc of the play, and he moves deftly from hand-wringing middle manager to the orchestrator of the coldest arm of the plan. But Kenneth Wayne Bradley steals the show as the weapons expert. He looks the part, with his shaved head and cargo pants, but delivers some of his most sinister missives with a great loose-jawed bewilderment."

Elena Passarello,


B. Iden Payne
Featured Actor
men of tortuga

Street corner arts



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